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ITI Website Designs and Development

ITI Website Development

We have developed best ITI webportl as per QCI web development guideline. After 2 year resurch produce extrordenry portal. Now a days we are seeing very large scale of establishment of the Industrial Training Institutes by Government sector as well as Private sector. For these all Institute government had defined their own guideline and under that guideline all the institute maintain all the information online. For that the ITI web portal is a most suitable way to maintaining all the information online.

At Swamisir we are giving the complete solution of the ITI website as per ITI guideline.



  • Free Domain name
  • 5GB Website Hosting Space
  • Free Own Email ID
  • Unlimited Web page
  • Introduction of ITI (History)
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Tender & Advertisement
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Principal Desk
  • Updated News
  • Download
  • Feedback
  • Student Details
  • Admission Criteria
  • Trades affiliated to NCVT & SCVT
  • Summary of Trades affiliated to NCVT
  • Summary of Trades affiliated to SCVT
  • Scheme running in the institute (CTS & MES etc. under NCVT)
  • Court case and Status
  • Faculty (Staff Details)
  • Achievement by trainees
  • Administrative Staff
  • Record of trainees
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Overall Result
  • Details of certificates issued to trainees
  • Placement
  • Library (Brief information on journals and books)
  • Sports / recreation (Brief information on hardware and software)
  • Sports / recreation (Brief information on facilities available )
  • Industry Institute linkages
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Right to information
  • Application format for course(s)
  • State directorate
  • Certification such as ISO 9000, ISO 29990 etc..If any
  • Founds Status
  • Rating of institute by QCI or any other agency
  • DGET and state Government Orders Issued From Time To Time

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What You Get:

A professional and customised graphic design to make your school stand out.
Our ITI Website Developer Content Management System to control all content and pages.
Huge choice of sections to cover all your needs.
Mini-websites for years, classes, departments and faculties.
Multiple website administrators to control individual sections.
Over 1000 individual pages.
Ongoing Upgrades, Training and Support.

Benefits of Dynamic Websites

Updates in dynamic website can be done by the user himself through a CMS admin Panel (provided by us) which are updated instantly on website online.
Dynamic websites are scalable and offer vast exposure to access and manage users including their details through CMS.
Cost of a dynamic website is no doubt higher than a static website, but that is compensated with time when the updates are performed by the user himself instead of paying additionaly for changes in website.

ITI Website Developer is a dynamic website solution designed specifically for schools. It provides an attractive and efficient communication platform for parents, students and the wider community. It is easy to keep your school website up to date with the ITI Website Developer Content Management System (CMS).

ITI Website Developer provides a complete school website package for your school that combines flexibility and functionality to enable your school to maintain a quality website from year to year.

Content Management System (CMS)

The ITI Website Developer Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily modify the content of your website. No additional software is required and it is very easy to ADD, CHANGE and DELETE text and pictures throughout all pages.

The ITI Website Developer CMS allows you to create multiple pages to suit all your needs.

Plus you can create multiple mini websites (see below).

You can also create different Administrators who each have their own secure username and password to access the CMS and they can be restricted to have access to only certain parts of the website.

Section Choices:

You are able to choose any of the sections outlined below.

First page in the site which introduces your school. Includes navigation menu, upcoming events, latest news, online pole, keyword search tool.

About Us
School profile page with text and pictures. Plus you are able to create an unlimited number of sub-sections, each with a brief text and a full text page.

List of teachers and staff. Includes the ability to create unlimited entries with name, text profile, image portrait, personal email address.

Events Calendar
An events calendar to display information on a monthly basis. Includes event name, date, time, brief text, full text, small image, large image, contact person’s name and email, web link to a sponsor’s website, sponsor’s logo, an email enquiry form.

Displays frequently asked questions and answers that are associated with your school, plus you have the ability to create categories to organise the FAQs.

Displays news items with title, brief text, full text, small image, large image, expiry date. The most recent news item is automatically linked to the homepage.

Displays your current newsletter plus your previous newsletters in date order. You can easily uploaded each newsletter as a PDF or Word doc using the CMS.

Provides a tabulated list of links to other websites with link name, text description, link logo and URL address.

Displays curriculum information with title, brief text, full text, PDF file upload and includes a sort order to arrange the items in your preferred order.

Displays the various school facilities with facility name, brief text, full text, small image, large image, and includes a sort order to arrange the items in your preferred order.

A comprehensive section that displays sports categories with individual team information and results, plus you individual team member names, text and portrait image.

Publications / Documents
Displays a listing of publications or policy documents with title, text description and PDF file downloads. Includes the ability to create categories to organise the documents.

This section outlines the enrolment application process plus a PDF file is available to print, complete and send back to the school. Includes the option to require the user to register their name and details before being able to download the PDF form.

Allows employments positions to be posted with position title, brief text, full text, PDF application form.

School Shop
Displays a wide range of items that are available through the school with item name, brief text description, full text description, small image, large image. Creates a list of items of the order. Optional payment online with a secure credit card payment system.

Mini-Site Levels
ITI Website Developer allows you to create an unlimited number of “mini-websites” which have their own sub-navigation menu. This allows the school to communicate about specific areas within the school such as departments, faculties, sports, years and classes.

Contact Us
Displays the school contact details plus an online enquiry form.

Homework or Document Management System
This provides an area within the website where information can be provided that is not available to the general public. Parents and students can be given a secure login access to view documents for homework, assignments and resource material. Documents can be arranged into categories or subjects which are also created by in the CMS.

The ability to upload documents can be given to certain teachers. This is done by setting up the teachers with their own username and password. This does NOT allow the teacher to login to the Content Management System – but just to the Homework area. The teacher will be able to create document title, create document text description and upload a document file ( Word doc, PDF, image file etc).

Online Payment System
This allows parents to pay a range of fees online using their credit card through a secure payment system. You can create a list of fees that is available for them to pay (which appears in a drop-down menu). They can print out a copy of the payments for their records. Security will be provided SSL Certificate that encrypts the person’s credit card details. The school will need to be a credit card merchant to process the payments, or if not then payments can be taken through PayPal or similar.

Smartphone School Notification System
itiwebsitedeveloper is a smartphone school notifications system. It allows the school to provide direct communication to both students and parents through iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices.

itiwebsitedeveloper is a Web App that provides the ultimate in school digital communication.

No more lost paper notes in student school bags! itiwebsitedeveloper delivers immediate information about school notices, school alerts, upcoming events, school newsletters and school permission notes.


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